Who are these new Career Seekers?

They want continuous learning opportunities and upward career progression.

They're top 20% performers seeking careers, not jobs.

Why Does it Matter?

DonoVision engagement approach is needed.

Career Engineer Celebrates a new job

Staying Simplified

The recipe for hiring great talent is not complicated:

  • Build awareness for great work experiences
  • Share openings, use human engagement to apply
  • Triage applicant pool, assess/interview & hire

DonoVision does ALL of the above

DonoVision Insider Secret - Employment Branding Paradox

Most career seekers miss your branding pages, they get sent to a JD in the ATS and leave!

career seeker wants job information beyond a job description

Career Seekers Sent Directly to a Job Description & Leave


Career Site Visitors that complete an Application


Companies adding video & images to Job Descriptions


We'll fix this Paradox for you, doubling & tripling on-target applicants
Recruitment Marketing

We host a fully loaded employment branding page for each req

On-Target Applicants

Screened and Interviewed for Job Fit & Hireability  

Candidate Experience

Full transparency, where all are treated like a "Star"

Expand Engagement

Full Optimization with Google, Indeed, Glassdoor & LI

Preview Career Page examples we build to promote your reqs, created specifically to attract top 20% talent

There are companies that work hard to charge you more, and some work hard to charge you less

At DonoVision, we're squarely in the 2nd camp, constantly driving efficiencies for better value & lower prices

Three Offerings:

New Hire Placement

  • A full cycle search project for one req (Sourcing to Offer Acceptance)
  •  Three layers of assessment will be conducted by exec recruiters
  • Only those assessed as top 20% performers will be considered
  • Enough top candidates will be submitted to make a hire

Pricing: ASK! Guarantee cost will be at least 25% less than what you currently pay

Recruitment Marketing - 90 Day Package

  • Augment client career site by creating branded req webpages for each promoted req
  • Deliver a landing page for all promoted reqs with search tools to all promoted openings
  • All reqs are optimized with major job sites like Glassdoor, Google, Indeed, Zip Recruiter, etc.
  • All candidate flow is triaged and only 100% qualified, interested and available are submitted
    • The number of reqs included is Unlimited

Pricing: $4,000*

Video Screened Candidate Roster - 90 Day Package

  • All Recruitment Marketing 90 Day Package elements
  • Video Screen Assessments are conducted delivering 10 candidates
  • All Screened candidates will be on-target and "interview ready"
  • Choice from 1 to 5 reqs for the screening assessment

Pricing: $6,500*

*A surcharge may be added for requested marketing elements and additional talent sourcing










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